Chinese Medicine Without Diclofenac


A few days ago, there was news reporting a tragedy overseas caused by an overdose of pain relief patches. These patches contain the opioid component "fentanyl," which is classified as a second-level controlled substance in Taiwan. Its use requires careful attention to avoid the dangers of overconsumption.

Cheng Kuang Pharmaceuticals urges all consumers to follow the recommended usage of any medication, including cold medicine and pain relievers. Please use them with caution.

Both Cheng Kuang Jin Si Gao and Jia Wei Jin Si Gao are made from traditional Chinese herbal medicine and do not contain the Western drug Diclofenac. They are naturally effective and do not harm the liver, adhering to the regulations set by the Health Authority, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

However, it is still important to pay attention to the usage instructions. Apply once to twice daily, with each application lasting 6-8 hours. Additionally, please refrain from using on children under two years old, and consult a physician before use during pregnancy.

Cheng Kuang

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