Cheng Kuang Pain Relief Ointment 40g - Announcement of New and Old Packaging Replacement

非常感謝消費者一直以來對『正光痠痛油膏40g』的支持和愛護。為了讓消費者更好地體驗這款產品,我們決定更新罐身及內盒包裝。新包裝將以紅色版本呈現,因目前新(紅色版)舊(綠色版)包裝替換期間,隨機出貨。 Thank you very much for the continuous support and care from our customers for the 'Zhengguang Pain Relief Ointment 40g'.

In order to provide customers with a better experience of this product, we have decided to update the packaging of both the jar and the outer box.

The new packaging will be presented in a red version. During the transition period from the old (green version) to the new (red version) packaging, shipments will be sent out randomly.

Please note that the specifications and ingredient formulation of the new packaging (red version) and the old packaging (green version) are identical. You can feel confident in making your purchase.

If this change causes any inconvenience to you, we sincerely apologize.

We will do our utmost to provide you with an enhanced shopping experience and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Cheng Kuang

Founded in 1970, Cheng Kuang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. has a history spanning over half a century. With the self-ascribed title of "Experts in Alleviating Pain," the company has been dedicated to the innovation, research and development, manufacturing, service, and quality enhancement of topical herbal medicines.