Thanks to [TVBS] for reporting on Dajia Mazu’s detours. ChengKuang sent 50,000 patches

The 12th ChengKuang United Clinic Charity Sale

Cheng Kuang has been organizing free clinics and charity sales for ten consecutive years. With this year's pandemic situation improving, Cheng Kuang is back with Matsu of Dajia! In order to benefit vulnerable groups and give back to the community, Cheng Kuang Pharmaceuticals will hold the 12th "Cheng Kuang Joint Free Clinic and Charity Sale" from April 22nd (Saturday) to April 30th (Sunday) in 2023, spanning nine days, in coordination with Matsu's pilgrimage route. In addition to inviting professional teachers from the National Union of Chinese Tuina Orthopedic Therapists and the Taiwan Tuina Research and Development Promotion Association to provide free massages and stress relief on-site, there will also be exciting activities such as live ceramic flute performances. The proceeds from the charity sale on that day will be fully donated to local vulnerable groups. People are welcome to come and receive Matsu's blessings in person and participate in this act of love through stress-relieving massages.

Cheng Kuang Pharmaceuticals stated that the company has received continuous support from the people of Taiwan. Upholding the philosophy of giving back to society, they emphasized that organizing joint public welfare activities is not easy. It involves coordination and cooperation in various aspects such as venues, performances, and medical services. It is commendable that all cooperating units are willing to overcome difficulties and work together to ensure the successful realization of the joint public welfare activities every year. In addition to expressing special thanks to the enthusiastic support of the co-organizing units, they sincerely welcome the public to take time out to join the event on that day.

Cheng Kuang

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